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Kivnon USA, the leader in the development, design, production and distribution of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), will focus on robotics automation during the Show automatically at booth #4152 in Detroit, MI from June 6-9, 2022.

Mike Kotzian, General Manager of Kivnon USA based in Farmington Hills, Mich., said, “Many AGV suppliers are exhibiting at Automate, but few can or will guarantee product delivery by Q4 2022. The Clock ROI doesn’t start until the product is delivered. Kivnon has put together a simple answer to this challenge. Order before Q3, take delivery before Q4. »

Automate brings together the greatest minds and automation solutions under one roof with 500 suppliers from around the world with 250,000 square feet of exhibits offering live demonstrations of products and systems that solve industry challenges. Attendees will have access to over 20,000 decision makers from around the world, spanning over 40 industries and running all types of applications. From small and medium-sized businesses to global enterprises, attendees seek to unlock the possibilities of tomorrow. Seventy percent of them plan to buy within 12 months of attending the show.

About Kivon:

Kivnon offers a wide range of autonomous vehicles (AGV/AMR) and accessories for the transport of goods, using magnetic navigation or mapping technologies, which adapt to any environment and industry. The company offers an integral solution to customers. Kivnon products are characterized by their robustness, safety, precision and high quality. Each product has been designed with a user-friendly philosophy creating a pleasant working experience that is simple to install and intuitive.

“Kivnon advises, installs, maintains and offers exceptional after-sales service. We are solidifying our commitment to technological innovation and the continuous improvement of all products,” added Kotzian, who can be reached on LinkedIn.

The company offers a wide range of mobile robotics solutions automating different applications in the automotive, food and beverage, logistics and warehousing, manufacturing and aerospace industries. Complete the ROI Kivnon AGV/AMR 2022 application form. Follow Kivnon on Twitter @KivnonUSA.

Media Contact
Company Name: Kivnon
Contact: Mike Kotzian
E-mail: Send an email
Call: (947) 228-1316
Address:37640 Hills Tech Drive
Town: Farmington Hills
State: MID
The country: United States

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