Autel video shows the features of the EVO Nest automatic drone charging station


Autel Robotics is finally ready to make some noise on EVO Nest, an autonomous drone charging station that allows EVO II industrial drones to land, take off and perform consecutive missions without any human intervention.

While the product quietly appeared on Autel’s official website in September 2021, the drone maker is now showcasing the capabilities of EVO Nest with a new video.

Designed for easy transport and hassle-free deployment, the EVO Nest docking station features a retractable awning, fiberglass charging board, and built-in air conditioning. The new Autel product has an IP54 rating, which means you can easily deploy it in harsh outdoor conditions as well.

Additionally, the EVO Nest provides a status display for each individual component in its modular system, making it easy to diagnose any potential issues remotely.

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Autel says the unit can fully charge an EVO II drone in about 45 minutes. The company has also implemented an overcurrent protection mechanism to keep your drones safe. Additional security against theft and vandalism is provided by an electronic lock and an internal camera.

See the Altar EVO Nest in action:

It should be noted that EVO Nest is compatible with Autel’s new flight control platform, SkyCommand Center. The system uses an open API interface that not only allows drone operators to plan flight tasks remotely, but autonomous take-offs, inspections and precision landings can all be customized for specific industry needs. Meanwhile, several parameters including aircraft flight route, gimbal angle, flight time and image capture frequency, can be changed remotely in real time using ” a 4G or 5G connection.

Multiple EVO Nests can be deployed at a time to allow drones to perform parallel tasks in a grid system. Data collected from the aircraft, payload and charging station is uploaded to the cloud for easy access on demand.

Autel expects its new autonomous drone charging station to be used for applications such as power line inspections, site surveillance, forest inspection, agricultural surveillance, security patrols and traffic control.

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