Apple puts ads in the iPhone App Store – and gets intense backlash



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Apple has added new advertisements in the App Store, causing an intense reaction from developers and its users.

The App Store previously included some advertisements, such as in search results. But the latest change means these ads appear much more widely in the App Store, including on other apps’ listings.

This angered developers, who voiced their opposition to their listing pages displaying ads for other, less desirable apps, such as those from gaming companies and casinos.

It has also been met with frustration from users, who say it undermines the premium iPhone experience.

The move is part of a broader ad revenue push that could see ads coming to Maps and other products in the coming months, according to previous reports.

Developers were notified of the latest change last week, and it went into effect on Tuesday. This means businesses are now able to pay for listings in the App Store, such as in the “You might also like” section, which appears at the bottom of listings for other apps.

This means that these ads can appear alongside any app, even if they are for unrelated and morally questionable apps.

Overcast developer Marco Arment was one of many to oppose the change, arguing that the App Store “has corrupted such a great company so deeply”. He pointed to other controversial parts of the store, such as in-app purchases that Apple benefits from but have been accused of manipulating customers into buying unnecessary upgrades.

Online casinos seem to be particularly prevalent among these advertisements.

Apple is looking to increase revenue from its ad business, with Bloomberg reporting that it aims to triple ad revenue.

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