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When Animal Crossing: New Horizons released in early 2020, it created a cultural phenomenon like no other. Its relaxing atmosphere, simple mechanics, and charming characters have led it to become the second best-selling Switch game of all time, with over thirty million copies sold in March 2021.

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At launch, the Nintendo team promised a range of free updates that has slowly shrunk by a year and a half in New Horizons, prompting many anxious fans to worry about the future of the game. Unbeknownst to them, the team had something huge roll up their sleeves in the form of the biggest and the last New Horizons update, which will add and improve several features when it releases on November 5.

ten Connect the island with more bridges and slopes

Animal Crossing Bridges and Slopes

Terraforming is arguably the best addition to Animal crossing franchise. Being able to create and customize rivers and cliffs took New Horizons to the next level, making him truly a star and a true rival to the fan favorite New leaf.

Initially, players depended on their trusty poles and jump ladders to cross the island, but after obtaining their building permit, they can also access an array of bridges and slopes with a limit of eight per structure. The new update will extend the limit, allowing a maximum number of ten bridges and ten slopes to connect the island more efficiently.

9 Extended and improved storage for object collectors

Maximum Animal Crossing Storage

Of all Animal crossing amateurs, none are as dependent on storage space as collectors. A previous update had allowed players to keep up to 2,400 items, including furniture, resources, creatures, and clothing, safely stored in their homes, but New Horizons will soon more than double that number.

Not only will players be able to maximize their home storage capacity up to 5,000 items, but they will also be able to access it from the all new storage sheds introduced in the trailer. These can be placed almost anywhere on the island, so say goodbye to the rush to get home to empty your pockets!

8 New customizable fences to beautify the island

Animal Crossing Fence

Using fences is one of the best ways to not only section the island, but also to embellish it and give it a specific style. While twenty different types already exist in the game, the new update will add nine more, including playpen, corrugated iron, and lattice fencing, to help players get the most out of their creativity.

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In addition to the new types of fences, the November update will also allow players to change the colors of their fences using the customization kits which can be purchased from Nook’s Cranny.

7 City ordinances and morning aerobics are back

Animal crossing orders

Two beloved features from previous entries will also have their own. New Horizons makeover. In the original version Animal crossing Released in 2002, the player and other villagers could join police dog Copper on Morning Aerobics from late July through late August. This feature returns as Group Stretching, now led on the square by the representative of the island.

The ordinances of New leaf are also back. After striking up a conversation with Isabelle, players can choose from a list of ordinances that will affect the behavior of the entire island, ranging from encouraging villagers to wake up earlier to forcing Bell’s economy to increase wealth. residents.

6 Harv Island gets extension

Animal Crossing Harv's Island

Harv’s Island had always seemed like a missed opportunity. It did its job as a highly customizable photo studio, but other than its lens at the wedding season event, it hadn’t received any updates since the game launched. The next update, however, promises to make it a colorful hub of fan-favorite NPCs.

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Not only are vendors like Leif, Sahara and even the elusive Redd setting up semi-permanent stores in the area, but New Horizons Newcomers like fortune teller Katrina and hairdresser Harriet also join in the fun. Reese and Cyrus are back to customize special player items, and even Tortimer will appear at some point!

5 Players can now take care of their crops and cook with their produce

Animal Crossing Breeding

Perhaps inspired by similar wellness games like Farming Simulator Valley of stars, Animal crossing makes a leap by introducing agriculture and cooking in their full version.

New Horizons gave fans a taste of both features in late 2020 with its Halloween update, but players will now be able to grow their own tomatoes, wheat, potatoes, carrots, and sugarcane, in addition to already pre-existing pumpkins. Once harvested, these ingredients can be used to cook some of the new recipes that can be obtained with Nook Miles, including Minestrone Soup, Pizza, and Sandwiches.

4 Kapp’n’s Tours takes players to special islands

Animal Crossing Kapp'n

Everyone’s favorite sailor, Kapp’n, is also returning to the franchise. Armed with the trusty motorboat he got in New leaf, Kapp’n will transport the player to special islands that are only accessible through their service for 1,000 Nook Miles a round trip.

These mysterious islands can vary by season and time of day, regardless of time zone and hemisphere of origin, and are home to unique flora that the player can bring back to their own island. Doing one of the Kapp’n’s Tours will be worth it, if only to listen to its nostalgic sailors’ songs again!

3 Gyroids make the perfect collectibles

Animal Crossing Gyroids

Fans have been begging Gyroids virtually since the game’s release, but other than the occasional appearance of Lloid as a construction foreman, collectibles had yet to make a real comeback. A year and a half later, the Gyroids are finally ready to make their victorious comeback and they are cuter and more colorful than ever.

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In New Horizons, Gyroid fragments can be dug up after rainy days. They can then be planted and watered until they become a complete gyroid that can be personalized like any other decor. When placed as a decoration, they can dance and follow the tempo of nearby music or whistle to create their own.

2 The Roost makes its triumphant return

Animal Crossing The Roost

After months of speculation and numerous online petitions, Brewster is making its New Horizons finally its beginnings. He’ll be opening his beloved cafe, The Roost, on the second floor of the museum, where players can meet other villagers and invite characters through Amiibo. Even Isabelle will finally be able to leave the security of her office to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee.

In previous games, the player has also been able to work on The Roost and even use it as Gyroid storage, and while none of these features have been confirmed, the second seems to be hinted at by some of the Guard’s collectibles. -eat Brewster.

1 There are new and old villagers to befriend

Animal Crossing New Villagers

Along with the free update and Happy home paradise Paid DLC, Nintendo also announced the release of the series five Amiibo cards, which include eight new villagers and eight returning villagers from the original. Animal crossing and Japanese only Animal forest e + Release.

Starting November 5, players will be able to encounter never-before-seen additions like Cyan Rabbit Sasha and the robot Octopus Cephalobot, and villagers like Cranky Dog Frett / Champagne and Lazy Penguin Chabwick / Nobuo, which are new in New Horizons. You can meet them by visiting mystery islands or by inviting them to the campsite via Amiibo.

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