AN EVEN SAFER COBOT DOBOT The contactless cobot is equipped with Safe Skin technology


Collaborative robots are designed to stop if they come into contact with an object or a person. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could stop before they make contact and continue doing their job automatically when the object is removed? Dobot Master Distributor, DB Cobots is pleased to announce that Dobot’s Safe Skin Technology provided the solution. Dobot’s non-contact cobots add an extra layer of safety by allowing the robot arm to sense an object and stop before it comes into contact. Productivity is gained by the fact that the robot automatically continues its trajectory once the object has been removed without a person needing to restart it. This optional feature is now available on 3 different 6-axis models in the Dobot range.


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Dobot presents an extensive range of contactless cobots

World’s leading provider of collaborative and industrial robot arm solutions
Adds 2 more sizes to its Safe Skin range

Downingtown PA: August 22, 2022: Collaborative robot manufacturer Dobot and its US-based master distributor DB Cobots, LLC announce the addition of its 3KG and 10KG cobots to the existing 5KG version of the previously available Safe Skin model. This expanded range will allow more industries and businesses to use cobots with the safest technology available in their automation.

Dobot’s standard range of industrial cobots are intrinsically safe by stopping when the arm comes into contact with an object. The Safe Skin add-on, a silicone-buffered wearable collision detection product customized by DOBOT for its line of collaborative robots, provides an additional layer of safety by allowing the robot arm to detect an object and stop before the arm does not touch the object. When the object is removed, the arm continues on its original path.

In proximity pause mode of the safety function, Safe Skin dynamically perceives any intruding entity at an adjustable distance of up to 15cm from the arm, responding in 0.01s and performing an emergency stop in 0.1s. When the intrusive entity leaves, the robot will resume its operation automatically, preserving its efficiency.

Pre-collision detection technology quickly intervenes in the robot’s action before a collision occurs, without the need for early warning and speed reduction. In this way, it can avoid damage and fully meet the requirements of high efficiency and high safety in industrial production.

Safe Skin contactless collaborative robot models include:
CR3S – 6 axis, 795mm reach, 3kg payload
CR5S – 6 axis, 1096mm reach, 5kg payload
CR10S – 6 axis, reach 1525mm, payload 10KG

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Founded in July 2015, Shenshen Yuejang Technology Co, Ltd (DOBOT) is one of the world’s leading smart robot solution providers, focusing on the development of smart robot arms that integrate perception and interaction. Possessing independent core technologies, key components and cutting-edge robotic products, DOBOT provides solutions spanning education, industry and business, aiming to prepare AI talents in the new era and satisfy customers. industry automation needs.

About DB Cobots, LLC
Based just outside of Philadelphia PA, DB Cobots is a master storage distributor providing sales, support and service for Dobot collaborative robots.


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