Agritech IQ Logistica unveils a mobile agricultural application


Pretoria-based IQ Logistica, an agritech start-up, has launched an agricultural mobile app, allowing farmers to manage their entire farming operations from their phones or tablets.

The company says the app, Farmers Friend, has digital capabilities that will help transform smallholder farming and accelerate productivity.

IQ Logistica uses software-as-a-service platforms to accumulate key data for and by farmers that helps them scale their agricultural projects.

According to IQ Logistica, the tool allows farmers to “easily view, manage and access all their operational data to mitigate risk, successfully implement lucrative stakeholder relationships and optimize their yield opportunities”.

The app monitors over 100 farming activities, including contract management, weather reports, soil moisture, as well as harvest and yield reports.

There is a growing emphasis on technology to improve agriculture, especially in developing countries.

Five months ago, the International Telecommunications Union unveiled a global initiative to study the impact of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things on improving agricultural techniques.

The UN tech agency is looking for solutions such as precision farming, predictive analytics for smart farming, optimization of cultivable area, remote monitoring and management of livestock, agricultural robotics and greenhouse automation.

Last month, Israel-based agritech company SupPlant raised an additional R408 million to help South Africans adopt digital solutions in the fight against climate change.

David Jeromin, Business Development Manager at IQ Logistica, says: “By creating a digital footprint, farmers using Farmers Friend have the ability to see every aspect of their farm and its needs offline or online.

“The IQ Logistica team is thrilled that South African farmers can use the app to optimize their production, while seamlessly accumulating the information needed to achieve insurance, finance and sustainability certification.”

Farmers Friend is now available on Android and iOS.

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