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In a shocking announcement, Adobe announces that it will acquire Figma. The $20 billion deal is controversial, but it’s also very interesting. Figma is the first design tool truly suitable for remote working, an area Adobe struggles to understand.

To be clear, Figma is not an alternative to Photoshop or Illustrator. It is a UX design software mainly used to create web pages and applications, similar to Adobe XD. Microsoft is one of Figma’s most notable customers, as its designers use the software to collaborate on Office apps, teams, Windows emoji, and more.

Adobe says Figma will work with some autonomy. It will remain under the control of Dylan Field, co-founder and CEO of the company. As of this writing, we know little about how this deal will change Figma.

“We will have the opportunity to integrate [Adobe’s] expertise in imaging, photography, illustration, video, 3D and font technology to the Figma platform. Plus, we’ll have the opportunity to re-imagine what the best creative tools within the Figma tech stack might look like. — Dylan Field, CEO of Figma

But Dylan Field confirms that Figma will adopt some Adobe technologies, which makes sense. We imagine the reverse is also true: Adobe products could integrate with Figma’s collaboration software or leverage Figma’s expertise to create new collaboration platforms.

Here is our analysis; this acquisition is a net positive for Figma. Integrating Adobe technology with Figma will enhance its capabilities. Additionally, Figma could become more popular among small businesses and creatives if it ends up in a Creative Cloud bundle, though the license price (which starts at $144 per person each year) remains unchanged.

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