A Kerala teenager develops an app for his constituency to send grievances and feedback directly to MP



Abhinav C, a teenager from the town of Palakkad in Kerala, has made headlines for developing a first-of-its-kind app that caters exclusively to one constituency.

As the name suggests, the “Ente Ottapalam” app is designed exclusively for the Ottapalam constituency and allows complaints and suggestions to be sent directly to K Premkumar, the MP for the constituency.

Before making ‘Ente Ottapalam’, Abhinav finished developing 26 mobile apps.

The panchayat app contains details of all 13 wards, including contact details for members. It has features like marriage, death and birth registration, tax payment option, etc.

“After its success, I wanted to develop something unique. The MP suggested to develop an app for the constituency,” Abhinav, a student from Kattukulam Senior Secondary School, told the New Indian Express.

How to use the app?

The app is only available for Android users. It opens with MLA details and also has the option to call the camp office. After clicking on ‘Ottapalam Niyojaka Mandalam’, the user will be directed to a page with three options – complaints and suggestions, Facebook and Ottapalam Tourist places.

“Complaints are submitted in Google Forms format. Facebook option would lead to MLA account. Ottapalam tourist spots will show must-see places, which are under construction,” Abhinav added.

Once a user registers a complaint, the MP, his assistant and Abhinav will be notified as they have the “admin app” feature. “I work to notify users with the admin app at the same time when complaints are submitted,” he said.

Abhinav can also see whether the MP has read the complaint or not. “Currently, users can only file a complaint. The option to upload a photo of the issue is not available, but I’m trying to install the feature soon,” he said. It took the 16-year-old two months to develop the ‘Ente Ottapalam’ app.

User-friendly app

People over 13 can use the app. “This is an open, user-friendly application. Since there is no login or registration, there is no breach of privacy. Also, the user does not have to need to remember the details,” Abhinav explained. ‘Ente Ottapalam’ was officially launched by former MLA M Swaraj.

At the age of 15, Abhinav developed his first app without coding. The teenager ventured into the app development business after taking a robotics class at his school. The youngster also entered India’s Book of Records for developing 18 apps for social causes.

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