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Who knew a few months ago that an invention would change the entire culture of the crypto trading market? The crypto market, which was once a nightmare for beginners, has become the safest place to earn maximum profit after the invention of self-training platforms. This invention shifted most of the burden of this complex market to its sophisticated AI tools and thus generated accurate trading signals.

The Bitcoin Smarter app was invented for the same purpose, but through the use of the most advanced AI tools, it became the top-rated auto trading platform in a very short time. This platform is very accurate and the number of traders who trade through this automated platform is increasing every day.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the main features of the Bitcoin Smarter app

A Brief Summary of the Bitcoin Smarter App

The Bitcoin Smarter app has unlimited features that make it user-friendly and the most useful auto trading platform.

24/7 trading capability

The Bitcoin Smarter app is a fully automated trading robot that trades around the clock. This robot does not rest at any time of the day, so you are always online to make maximum profit whenever the crypto market starts, whether it starts in the United States, Asia or Europe.

Your robot is always working and looking for profitable opportunities so that it can add profit to your account.

No previous experience is necessary

The best part about learning through the Bitcoin Smarter app is that you don’t have to be an expert to make money. The robot will do this task for you and manage the profits for you. All you need to do is create an account, deposit some money, select the default mode and start trading. The rest will be done by the robot and it will add regular profit to your real-time vault.

Selecting the default mode is not mandatory, you can customize the risk factors according to your skill level at any time. But be careful when changing them, a minor mistake could lead you to a total loss.

Ability to trade in different cryptocurrencies

Most people think that there is only one cryptocurrency which is Bitcoin. But after the invention of Bitcoin, several other cryptocurrencies are also invented by different companies. The Bitcoin Smarter app has the ability to trade over 14 of the most famous cryptocurrencies.

This feature makes this platform a more profitable platform as the platform looks for the best available opportunity among the 14 different products and locks the trade where it finds the best and most profitable opportunity.

Bitcoin Smarter app fees and charges

Apparently the Bitcoin Smarter app has no fees and charges policy at all times. Let’s decode this in details and find out whether it is a completely free or paid platform.

Registration: bitcoin smarter app has registration fee for any type of account. Creating an account with this AI platform is completely free.

To pay: at the time of deposit, the Bitcoin Smarter app does not reduce any fees or charges. The amount you wish to deposit into your safe will be transferred as is. You don’t need to add a little more money to receive a particular amount in your account.

Withdraw: The Bitcoin Smarter app allows its users to make unlimited withdrawals in a month free of charge. Your amount will be transferred to any local bank or money transfer service you have attached to your Bitcoin Smarter APP account within 24 hours.

Service charge: the Bitcoin Smarter app has not advertised any monthly, annual or weekly subscription fees. You don’t have to worry about negotiating any hidden fees or discounts at any time.

Commission: the Bitcoin Smarter app only charges a 2% commission on profitable trades made by the robot. This minor commission is deducted from the profit, the invested amount is not included in this 2%. This is a very small amount that could hardly be noticed by anyone, so it wouldn’t affect your budget or frustrate you.

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