5 Ways Apple Improves Mail App in iOS 16



Apple iOS 16 introduces improvements across the board, polishing up the great tools introduced in last year’s iOS 15. Among the many improved features is Mail, the unsung hero of the iPhone app ecosystem. Mail does its job quietly and unobtrusively, but serves as a workhorse for productive iPhone users who communicate via email. With iOS 16, Mail receives subtle improvements that add up to a marked improvement in functionality and convenience.

Admittedly, some of these changes are features that have been part of Google’s Gmail kit for quite some time. They might not seem very meaningful at first glance, but they elevate Mail to more of what you’d expect from Google’s popular email service. We’ll take a look at five of these great changes.

1. Smart Search fixes and suggestions

Smart Search is a long-standing Mail feature that offers suggestions alongside your top search results. This effectively broadens your search to include more potential results when looking for a particular contact or email. With iOS 16, AI corrects typos and includes synonyms for your search terms. For example, type “doc” in the search bar and you’ll get suggestions for Google Docs, document attachments, and file attachments. It’s great when you’re looking for a thread on a particular topic or topic, but can’t quite remember the details.

2. Reminders to recipients and attachments

We’ve all sent an email without an attachment or forgotten to add a recipient; iOS 16 aims to prevent us from repeating these mistakes. Previously, Mail would warn you when you send an email with no subject, but now it also warns you when you forgot a recipient or an attachment.

3. Cancel sent email

On a related point, you can now unsend an email. If you happen to send an email before it’s ready, or if you add the wrong recipient to the thread, you now have a 30-second window to cancel it. Immediately after sending an email, an Undo Send prompt appears at the bottom of the screen. Tap it, then tap Cancel, and Mail will cancel your email and save it to drafts.

4. Scheduling emails

It might seem trivial if you’re used to scheduling emails on other platforms, but email scheduling is now built into iOS 16. By long-pressing the send arrow, you can select a time to schedule an email to be sent. Choose from the default times (9:00 p.m. tonight, 8:00 a.m. tomorrow) or select a specific date and time with the Send later option.

5. Remember to read later

It’s easy to read an email and quickly forget it. Apple’s iOS 16 gives you the ability to remember certain emails, which puts them at the top of your inbox at a specific time. Select the Reply arrow when viewing an email, then scroll to Call me back. You can ask Mail to call you back in an hour, later that night, the next day, or at a specific date and time. These emails also appear in their own unique Remind Me folder for easier reading.

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