10 features offered by the Mahindra XUV700 on the MG Astor


They’re both feature-packed premium SUVs, but the XUV700 gets a few toys that the Astor doesn’t.

The Mahindra XUV700 has us excited with its first ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist System) features since we first spotted its pre-production test mule with radar technology. It surprised us even more by offering a variety of new segment additions and premium features at attractive prices when it launched in September. MG has been in the limelight with the launch of the Astor which introduces ADAS to the compact SUV segment, a flagship feature similar to the XUV700. Both are tech-rich, but the Mahindra has a comfort that even the MG doesn’t. Here are 10 features offered by the XUV700 compared to the Astor:

10.25 inch digital driver display

Screen sizes matter in premium bargain-priced offerings and the XUV700 wins this one. This is an integrated dual-screen setup with 10.25-inch screens for the infotainment system and the digital instrument cluster looks more modern in comparison. The MG SUV also has a 7-inch digital driver display, but it’s not as high-end as that of the XUV700.

Dual zone air conditioning

Automatic air conditioning is common equipment, but multi-zone air conditioning is a high-end feature often limited to cars priced above Rs 20 lakh. But the XUV700 is equipped with dual-zone air conditioning that allows the two front passengers to independently maintain two different temperatures at the same time. For example, the driver can set their air conditioning to 26 degrees Celsius and the passenger can set theirs to 23 degrees Celsius.

Memory function for driver’s seat with 6 power adjustments

The best variants of many premium offerings in the compact and mid-size SUV segment, such as the Astor and XUV700, come with a power-adjustable driver’s seat. But Mahindra has elevated this functionality by offering it a memory function. This allows the owner to register a specific seat position in the car’s system. So even if someone else drives it and adjusts the seat to their needs, the owner can reset it to its saved settings with just the push of a button instead of adjusting everything again.

With this function, the driver’s seat will also move back automatically for more comfort when getting into the car. Luxury vehicles even allow multiple seat settings to be saved for multiple users.

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Driving modes

An engine’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) can control its responsiveness and alter the driving experience. Cars with drive modes allow the user to switch between ECU presets, which can either improve fuel efficiency, provide a sportier response, or automatically adjust the balance between the two. Although the MG Astor offers different steering modes, it does not get the drive modes offered in the XUV700.

Some diesel variants of the Mahindra XUV700 come with four drive modes: Zip (comfort), Zap (extra power boost), Zoom (faster acceleration) and Custom (depending on user preference).

Wireless charging

Surprisingly, the MG Astor lacks a feature popular in this segment: a wireless charger. Mahindra included it in the XUV700 but only in the more expensive variant: AX7 with the Luxury Pack.

Third row of seats with third row air conditioning

The Mahindra XUV700’s biggest advantage over the MG Astor is its larger size and the option of 7-seater variants with a third row of seats. When these seats are not in use, they can be folded down to make room for luggage, making it a more versatile offering than the similarly priced MG Astor.

Electric door handles

Some premium features are more about providing an experience than serving a purpose. The XUV700’s door handles are flush with the body to improve the car’s overall aerodynamic efficiency. In the more expensive variant, these handles come out electronically when the car is unlocked or when the person with the key is nearby.

Sony 3D audio with 12 speakers

Both the Mahindra and MG SUVs come with six speakers, but the XUV700’s high-end finish with the luxury package benefits from a premium Sony audio system. It uses 12 speakers for a 3D surround sound experience and custom acoustic modes.

Amazon Alexa built-in

The Mahindra XUV700’s infotainment system may not have a digital AI assistant with a robot head on the dashboard, it has Amazon Alexa built in. This function allows users to interact with certain vehicle functions and obtain information via voice commands. In addition, the XUV700 receives the Adrenox infotainment system with integrated Alexa from the AX3 variant above the base.

All-wheel drive option

In most high-end vehicles, all-wheel drive is a very expensive option and therefore is not offered in cars costing less than Rs 20 lakh. Even the Mahindra XUV700 doesn’t, but at least it gives buyers the AWD option with the high-end AX7 diesel-automatic variant. This improves the overall experience of an SUV as it provides better off-road traction while being safer to drive in wet conditions.

While the Mahindra XUV700 offers these features compared to the MG Astor, it charges a hefty premium for them.

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